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Focus on the artist behind the camera:  Jennifer Boedeker Elmore of jenXphotography

Photographer. Adventurer. FAA Certified Drone Pilot. Boy Mom. Videographer. Daughter. Yogi. Creator. Sister. Editor. Crafter. Entrepreneur. Film maker. Friend. Politics Hater. Traveler. Artist. Movie Lover. Star Gazer. Wife. Netflix Binger. Dreamer.

Spending my days capturing these fleeting moments in time that equate to our life’s adventures. My gear is heavy, and I’m not getting any younger, but my work here is not done.

Zoom back in time:

In 1989 my Dad took me to a pawn shop and bought me the Pentax K1000 for my first photography class. I have been behind a camera ever since.

I studied photography and film production in college. I love being a photographer and cinematographer. I got my first job as a professional still photographer in 1994 with Phototech in Austin, Texas. I have done work with an independent production company out of Dallas, Texas as a Producer and Director of Photography. We shoot television segments, and in 2007 shot a full length feature film, The Name of God.

I have shot births, funerals, and every event in between. In 2005, when my oldest son started kindergarten, I established my own still photography company: jenXphotography. Today we specialize in adventure photography. jenXpeditions provides breathtaking photography and videography of Destination Weddings, Corporate Excursions, Non Profit expeditions,  and Dream Vacations. Our goal is to preserve the moments that are worth remembering.

Expose the present moment:

I love photography because it gives me the chance to express myself creatively, and even after all of these years it still challenges me to grow. I learn with each new opportunity to shoot. My favorite things to shoot professionally are Non Profit Expeditions, Destination Weddings and Corporate Vacations. It is a blast to capture exciting moments in peoples lives.

In 2015, The ten year anniversary of jenX brought with it the addition of aerial photography using a drone, and I am now an FAA certified remote pilot. Capturing aerial images has given me a completely renewed passion for the world of photography, and I love incorporating these breathtaking works into our adventures.